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Brief Description

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● Vibrant LED Lighting
● 512x8 1R 
● 8 chips
● Speed 2400Mhz - 4000Mhz
● Voltage 1.2V

Vibrant LED Lighting RGB DDR4 4GB for desktop PC

In-house MTC(Memory Test Center) 100% Compatibility Test
Using high-efficiency eight-layer PCB, under 100% burn test with comparison to the cross-platform motherboard test.
Products are inspected again before shipment, based on the most current and popular motherboards.

1. Application

DDR4 4GB RGB Ram for desktop PC

2. Type

DDR4 SDRAM Unbuffered DIMM Non-ECC

3. Frequency

2400Mhz - 4000MHz

4. Chipsets

ETT original chips

5. Capacity

4GB x 1

8GB (4GB x 2)

16GB (4GB x 4)

6. Multi-Channel Kit

Single Channel

Dual Channel

Quad Channel

7. Organization

512x8 8chips

8. Voltage


9. Feature

Compatible with all motherboards

10. Pin Out


11. Brand Name

Customized logo  /  Major on third

12. Service

FREE logo print  /  FREE OEM sticker

13. Warranty

1 year

14. Certificate


15. Payment Term

T/T, Western Union, PayPal, AliPay

16. Place of Origin